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PeHR is a mobile app that captures and stores all your pet's health care records.

Vet bills can hurt. Especially for unnecessary work. Shop the best veterinarian for the best price. Provide your pet's full medical history to avoid any uncessary work. Save money. Get better care.


Save Money...
Shop the best vet at the best prices

Vet prices vary greatly. To compare you need to give all vets the same information on your pet's health history. But arranging faxing all records between many clinics takes along time, a lot of work, and is prone to mistakes.

To find the right vet at the right price you need to hold your pet's health records. PeHR keeps them all in your pocket, and lets you electonically share with anyone, anywhere at anytime.


Get Better Care...
Easy second opnions.

Vets aren't perfect. You and your pet need second opinions. Easily solicit second and even third opinions when you hold a complete history of your pet's health record.

Share lab results, xrays, and progress notes with other vets to ensure that your pet gets the best care.


Save Money...
Avoid unnecessary work

If a vet does not have a test result, they will often order repeat tests or repeat treatments, just to be sure. Obviously they don't want to take anhy chances.

But this means unnecessary testing, cost and suffering for your pet. Avoid all of this, and do ony what is necessary, by always having your pet's full health record history with you.


Get Better Care...
When traveling with pets

When traveling with your pet, handle medical emergencies with all of your pet's health record hisotyr in your pocket.

Key features of the product

Everything you need


Records In Your Pocket

Keep your pets' health records on your phone, available anytime, anywhere.


Records In The Cloud

Store and back up all records to our cloud service.


Share, Don't Send

Sharing links to records allows you to keep control.


Receive by Photo, Email or Fax

Snape a photo, or have vet email or fax records to your private address.


Rich Search and Filtering

Find any record based on simple text search


Visualize History

See how your pets' care looks over time.

Save Money. Get Better Care.

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Common questions and answers

  • How do I add my pet's health records?

    You can use this mobile app to snap a photo of each document. Alternatively the app provides a special email address and fax number so your vet can email or fax records directly to you.

  • Will this be free?

    Yes, the basic service to store and share records will be free. We will offer some value-added features for a fee.

  • Mobile app, website, or both?

    We will start with a mobile app, since having the records with you is an key feature. But we will include a website later to support richer managment tools.

  • When will this launch?

    We are targeting Spring 2020 for procut launch.

What can we do to help you?

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